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Ashlar Home > Poems > Did I help or hurt today Lord

Did I help or hurt today Lord

Author Unknown

Did I help or hurt today Lord,
is anyone happier that I passed this way,
Will anyone remember that I spoke to them today
And when the day is over and toiling time is through
Will someone say a kindly word, for me- for you.
I wonder can I say in parting from a day that is slipping fast,
did I help a single brother from the many that I passed,
Is a single heart rejoicing over what I did or said,
Does someone whose hopes were fading,
now with New Hope look ahead.

Did I win this day or lose it,
was it well or poorly spent,
Did I leave a trail of kindness,
or a scar of discontent.
As I close my eyes in slumber,
to the Architect above I pray,
That I've earned one more tomorrow,
by the Good I Did Today.


Submitted by Bro. Ray Greaves
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