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Ashlar Home > Poems > Albert Pike > Every Year

Every Year

By Albert Pike

The Spring has less of brightness

Every year,

And the snow a ghastlier whiteness

Every year.,

Nor do Summer flowers quicken,

Nor Autumn fruitage thicken

As they once did,––for we sicken

Every year.

It is growing darker, colder,

Every year,––

As the heart and soul grow older

Every year.,

I care not now for dancing

Nor for eyes with passion glancing,

Love is less and less entrancing,

Every year.

Of the loves and sorrows blended,

Every year,––

Of the charms of friendships ended,

Every year,––

Of the ties that still might bind me

Until time of death resigned me,

My infirmities remind me

Every year.

Ah, how sad to look before us

Every year,––

While the cloud looks darker o′er us

Every year!

When we see the blossoms faded

That to bloom we might have aided

And immortal garlands braided,

Every year.

To the past go more dead faces

Every year,––

As the loved leave vacant places

Every year.

Everywhere the sad eyes meet us,

In the evening′s dusk they greet us,

And to come to them entreat us,

Every year.

You are growing old, they tell us,

Every year

You are more alone, they tell us,

Every year.,

You can win no new affection,

You have only recollection,

Deeper sorrow and dejection,

Every year.

Yes, the shores of life are shifting

Every year,

And we are seaward drifting

Every year,

old places changing fret us,––

The living more regret us,––

There are fewer to regret us,

Every year.

But the true life draweth nigher

Every year.,

And its Morning Star climbs higher

Every year,

Earth′s hold on us grows slighter,

And the heavy burden lighter,

And the Dawn Immortal brighter,

Every year.
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I'm sorry it has taken me this long to express my gratitude to you but I have been dealing with some medical issues. I truly appreciate what you are doing.


Bo” Brother Bo, Jasper, GA