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Ashlar Home > Poems > Rob Morris > The Celestial Record

The Celestial Record

By Rob Morris

Written in Heaven What he has given!
Placed on the records in letters of gold
Read by the spirits, Judges of merits
Some day the name to us all will be told.
Meantime let silence,
Free from all violence,
Drop its mute veil o'er the face of the man
Seek not to show it
Strive not to know it
Go and do likewise, ye Brothers who can.
Blest was the offering
Voices of suffering
Hushed under sympathy noble as that
Tear drops were trailing
Sighs and bewailing,
And tear drops and sorrow the orphans forget.
England, our Mother,
Toward thee each Brother
Reverently turns at this noble emprise,
This makes the cable
Holy and stable,
Binding our Lodges forever, he cries.


An English Mason, whose name has never been made public, donated considerable sums of money about the year 1852, and made the Western Grand Lodges his almoners for its disbursement in Masonic charities. Kentucky received $500.
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