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By Rob Morris

'Tis good to feel ourselves beloved of men
To know that all our anxious cares and sighs
For others' weal are given not in vain,
But treasured up in grateful memories
How light the toil for those we fondly love!
How rich the wages grateful spirits prove!

But when those men are Brothers, strongly bound
By bonds indissoluble, sweet and true,
When gratitude springs out of sacred ground,
And prayers are mingled with the praises due
Ah then, toil is no burden, gifts no load!
We have full recompense for what's bestowed.

'Tis thus with you, my friend: the voice of all
Yields willing tribute to your high deserts
But from the Craft there comes a stronger call,
From that great Brotherhood whose chain begirts
The broad world round, the grateful wages come,
Whose price is Honor and whose favor Bloom.

Long may you live in Bloom and Honor, long,
To show the Christian in the Mason's guise!
In Strength Omnipotent may you be strong!
In Wisdom Heavenly may you be wise!
And when to Death's dark portals you shall come,
May Jesus banish all the fear and gloom!
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