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Ashlar Home > Poems > Rob Morris > A Welcome into Masonry

A Welcome into Masonry

By Rob Morris

There were many with me were glad, Brother,
When we read your latest thought,
And to one another we said, Brother,
'Tis an omen of good import!

For the battle of law has begun, Brother,
The strife for the good old way,
And we need just such an one, Brother,
As we knew you of old to be!

Yes, one of the daring type, Brother
Such men as they had of yore,
With a head that in age is ripe, Brother,
And a heart that is brimming o'er

To know what a Landmark is, Brother
In love to be warm and true
Oh, how have we longed for these, Brother,
And 'tis these we shall find in you!

In the day when your sands are spent, Brother,
And the Craft shall your history tell,
They'll say, as their grief has vent, Brother,
He has done his labor well!

For you know we have Archives, Brother,
And a Column rent in twain,
And a Name that still greenly lives, Brother,
Though We dust hath its dust again!

And these they'll give to you, Brother,
As the guerdon of your meed
For the love that is warm and true, Brother,
For the heart and for the head

For the battle of law has begun, Brother,
The strife for the good old way,
And we need just such an one, Brother,
As we know you of old to be!
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I would just like to thank you and the team at the Ashar Company for your absolute dedication to perfection. May I ask if the symbols etc on my ring were lazer cut? The detail is so intricate and fine.The quality is higher than I had expected. It truly is a work of art. And I shall wear it always, with pride.

Best Wishes” Brother John, South Africa