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The Spirit of Union

By Rob Morris

There never was occasion, and there never was an hour,
When spirits of peace on angel wings so near our heads did soar
There's no event so glorious on the page of time to appear,
As the union of the Brotherhood, sealed by our coming here.

'Twas in the hearts of many, 'twas in the prayers of some,
That the good old days of Brotherly Love might yet in mercy come
'Twas whispered in our Lodges, in the East and South and West,
That the time was nigh when the plaintive cry our God would hear and bless.

But none believed the moment of fruition was at hand
How could we deem so rich a cup was waiting our command?
It came like rain in summer drought, on drooping foliage poured,
And bade us look henceforth for help, in all our cares, to God!

The news has gone already upon every wind of Heaven
The wire, the press, the busy tongue, the intelligence has given
And everyone who heard it and who loves the Sons of Peace,
Has cried, Praise God, the God of Love! may God this union bless!

Vermont takes up the story, her old man eloquent,
Long be his days among us, on deeds of mercy spent,
He speaks for the Green Mountains, and you heard him say last night,
Bless God that I have lived till now to see this happy sight!

Kentucky sends you greeting, from her broad and generous bound,
Once styled of all the western wild, the Dark and Bloody Ground
She cries aloud, God bless you! Heaven's dews be on you shed,
Who first took care to be in the right, then boldly went ahead!

From yonder constellation, from the Atlantic to the West,
Where the great pines of Oregon rear up their lofty crest,
From the flowery glades of Florida, from Minnesota's plain,
Each voice will say, Huzza! huzza! this Craft is one again!

Old England soon will hear it not always will the cry
Of suffering Brothers meet her ear, and she pass coldly by
There's a chord in British hearts vibrates to every tale of wrong,
And she will send a welcome and a Brother's hand ere long.

Then joyful be this meeting, and many more like this,
As year by year shall circle round, and bring you added bliss
In quarry, hill, and temple, Peace, nor cruel word or thought
Disturb the perfect harmony the gracious God has wrought.

But while your walls are thus compact, your cement strong and good,
Your workmen diligent and just, a mighty Brotherhood,
Remember, Brethren, o'er the earth, and on the raging sea,
How many a heart there is to-night that sighs, Remember me!

By the sign the world knows nothing of, but to our eyes so clear,
By the token known in darkest hour, that tells a Brother dear,
By the sacred vow and word, and by the hieroglyphic bright,
Remember all, the wide world round, who claim your love to-night.


In the settlement of long-pending difficulties among the Canadian Masons, the writer was called in, in July, 1858, with Philip C. Tucker, Grand Master of Vermont, to suggest proper terms of reconciliation. The pleasing task being performed, and the union complete, the following lines were read at a banquet that most agreeably terminated the meeting:
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