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Ashlar Home > Poems > Rob Morris > The Temple

The Temple

By Rob Morris

No human wisdom framed our halls,
No bodily sweat bedews our walls
The utmost ken of mortal eye
Fails its proportions to espy
Nor is it for a mortal's ear
Its songs at eve and morn to hear.

Our Temple crowns no earthly hill
The Turk profanes Mount Sion still
Siloam pours her hallowed stream
For those who spurn the sacred Name
Yet fixed on an unshaken base
Is seen our Temple's resting place.

Unnumbered hearts and hopes prolong
The cadence of our votive song
The savor of our sacrifice
Ascends and gladdens up the skies,
Where Builders, met from many lands,
Rear up the House not made with hands!

We would record some fitting phrase
Of those sublime, those mystic lays
Some names of the unnumbered host
Else 'neath the moss of ages lost
One episode in all those cares
Whose story marks three thousand years.

Author of Wisdom, make us wise
To apprehend these Mysteries!
Author Of Strength, the power impart
To build and cement from the heart!
Author of Beauty, lend us grace,
The hue to paint, the line to trace!

The stones of the foundation
In the Holy Mountain lie,
Brought from the sacred quarries
By the hand of Deity
Each block the perfect angle
Fulfills and gratifies,
And rests upon the level
Acknowledged in the skies.

Each on its broadside graven
Displays some mighty name
'Tis daily called in Heaven
That roll of deathless fame
All ages, lands have yielded
Their honored names to prop
A glorious substructure
And bear our Temple up.

In such a sacred place,
On such a solid base,
Built on the pattern of the Plan Divine,
With time-defying walls,
With love-o'erflowing halls,
Behold our Temple and come view our Shrine!

The mind would faint and fail
The multitudes to tell,
Of all the Ashlars that are here inwrought
They're culled from every clime,
Through long-revolving time,
And each bears token of the Master-Thought.

Each bears the impress of Man
Such was the wondrous Plan
Of man in body, mind, and heart complete
Each fills a stated place
Of Wisdom, Strength or Grace,
By the Grand Master designate and meet.
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