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Ashlar Home > Poems > Silas H. Shephard > The Ship of Life on the Ocean of Time

The Ship of Life on the Ocean of Time

By Silas H. Shephard

The ship that sails the bounding billows
Has a captain in command
To direct her course and steer her
So that she may safely land
In the port which she is bound for,
After fight with dangerous shore
Landing precious human cargo
Safe from ocean′s danger more.
Human life is also likened
To a ship on Time′s vast sea
Conscience is the captain of her
To direct what life shall be.
Do not let the good ship vary
From the course which it directs
A safe harbor will await her
If from it she ne′er deflects.
There are many charts to guide us
There′s a light on danger′s shore:
We must keep the good ship seaward,
And avoid the siren′s lure.
We should close up all the hatches,
When there′s danger or a fire.
We should reef the sails of pleasure
In the tempest of desire.
΄Tis a voyage we all must venture,
And to make it safe and sure,
Keep the captain, -Conscience, wakened
Use a chart both true and pure.
Such a chart is Square and Compass
And the ever present G
It will safely guide the captain
Over many a troubled sea.
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