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My Ballot

By Thomas Q. Ellis

I stand at the same sacred altar

Where, prompted by brotherly love,

I vowed solemn vows without falter

Witnessed by Him from above.

As once I knelt there in rev′rence

I stand rev′rently there

My thoughts have suffered no sev′rence,

As I vowedso I′ll voteon the square

If through friendship I favor the seeker

But think him unworthy at heart

Lest my Lodge by my ballot grow weaker,

Such favor from justice must part.

At the altar where light flooded o′er me,

I′ll betray not the trust that I bear,

I′ll shame not the emblems before me,

But I′ll cast my vote on the square.

Or should he be not to my liking,

But merit by action the trust

My soul I′ll not perjure by striking

A blow when such a blow be unjust

But I′ll welcome his step ′cross the border,

I′ll honor the trust that I bear,

I′ll vote for the good of the order

By casting my vote on the square.

Time flies and ere long my petition

Will be filed in the Grand Lodge above.

I′ll be glad then I tempered such mission

With justice and brotherly love.

With the measure ye mete has been spoken

By the Worshipful Master up there

No promise e′re made has He broken

And He′ll handle my case on the square.
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© 2018 The Ashlar Company “I received my ring today! The transfer from USA to SA was a long process. Thank you for advising an international courier service rather than the regular postal services or I might still have been waiting :)

I would just like to thank you and the team at the Ashar Company for your absolute dedication to perfection. May I ask if the symbols etc on my ring were lazer cut? The detail is so intricate and fine.The quality is higher than I had expected. It truly is a work of art. And I shall wear it always, with pride.

Best Wishes” Brother John, South Africa

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