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The Poetic Works of Bob McRae

Fifty Year Jewel Presentation

It is my honor and privilege,

as Master in the Chair,

To draw your attention Brethren:

to our esteemed fellows standing there!

You see, fifty years ago give or take a day,

These Brethren joined the Mystic Tie in the usual way.

They were initiated, passed, and raised: each one in his own turn,

With titles, honours, and offices laid out so they could earn.

While lectures, memory work, and ceremonies still fresh within the mind,

The biggest challenge THEN as a Mason was NOT behind:

For even though the lodge took each fellow through ceremony and form,

The true test of the teachings was to face the moral storm.

And now looking back upon the journey each Brother must be able to justly say,

Masonry was a companion, that kept me faithful all the way.

The fifty-year jewels I present to you tonight,

Are in recognition of your true Masonic light.

For you see as leaders, advancing in the dark,

The Brethren following your lead appreciate your mark.

And have no doubt your mark you positively made.

As each day and task completed was an ashlar amply laid.

And as your moral temple

reaches upwards to the sky:

Well Done O Faithful Servant!

May we never say Good-Bye!

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