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The Poetic Works of Arthur R. Herrmann

The Lodge where I belong

Though my lodge may lack the splendor
Of a Temple or a Shrine,
Or possess the gaudy fixtures
that are classed as superfine,

Yet the fellowship it offers
is in a price beyond compare.
And I wouldnt trade it ever
for life's treasures rich or bare!

The handclasp firm, the word of cheer,
Oh, such meanings they impart,
The mystic ties of brotherhood
that links us heart to heart!

You'd really have to travel far,
For the friendships quite so strong,
As those one always find right here
In the Lodge where I belong.

When all my earthly travels end,
And at last I'm borne to rest
Where mortal hands no longer toil
and I cease life's endless quest

Why there's nothing I'd like better,
should I join the heavenly throng,
than to meet with all the Brothers
of the Lodge Where I Belong.

The Lodge Altar

'Round Thy sacred altar, now,
Do Thy children humbly bow
Rev'rently they gather there:
Awed and silent in their prayer
Grateful for Thy blessed Light,
Shining through the darkened night,
Teaching Brotherhood to men
That all strife may cease again,
And, upon this earthly sod,
Men may always turn to God!

Bread Upon The Waters

I took a brother by the hand I spoke a word of cheer
It gave him strength, renewed his hope,
And helped to banish fear.
How passing strange is life, my friend,
For as the years sped by I, too,was faced with dark despair
And life held but a sigh.
My friend now took me by the hand,
And whispered words of cheer-The same soul-lifting words I spoke
To him, another year.
'Twas then I knew the bread I'd cast,
As in the Scriptures told,
Upon the waters had returned
To bless me now, two-fold!

Fall Reunion

Now that the summer days are past,
The call to Labor comes at last,
And parted brothers, in the Fall,
Assemble for the Lodge roll-call.
Once more the gavel sounds the cue
For friends and brothers, tried and true,
To meet on Level, Plumb and Square
Their joys and sorrows each to share.
O, brothers of the Mystic Tic,
So many tasks before us lie
Ere war and strife on earth doth cease
And Brotherhood brings joy and peace.
So let us labor-let us strive
To keep our Mason's way alive
Ours is the duty-ours the right
To help shed darkness, spread the Light!
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Finally, today, received my ring.
Its so beautiful....
Thank you!!!

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