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Bob Webber Joseph Fort Newton
Richard L. Jenkins Robert Burns A. S. MacBride Alan R. Heath Albert Pike Alvin F. Bohne Arthur R. Herrmann Audie L. Murphy Ben Steen Betty Langenberg Betty Langenberg
Bill Shorto Bill Shorto
Bob McRae C. M. Boutelle C. Pylate Price C. Pylate Price
Carl H. Claudy Carl W. Mason Carl W. Mason
Charles E. Whelan Charles F. Forshaw Charles F. Franz
Charles L. Mead Charles Mackay Conrad Hahn Cummings Cyril E. Brubaker D. C. Tidwell
D. W. Clements
Dan Goldstein
David E. Guyton David Hamilton David Lester Richardson
David Terrell David Vinton Donald Weisse Sr.
Douglas A. Chambers Douglas Malloch E. L. Hannam E. Rogers Earl W. Owens Edgar Alan Guest Edward Bulwer-Lytton Edwin Markham Evart Emerson Overton
Ezekiel M. Bey Ezekiel M. Bey
F. G. Oliver F. G. Tisdall Fay Hempstead Frank F. Baer Frank W. Reed Franklin W. Lee G. Naylor
Geoff Fox George B. Staff George H. Free George Martin Gerald Leighton Giles Fonda Yates Guy F. Bucher H. L. Haywood Harry Carr Henry Englesman Henry Englesman
J. F. Clendening J. H. Harrison J. M. Jenkins J. W. Horsley Jack Sutton James F. Sullivan James Tresner
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe John Clifford John George Gmson John H. Sheppard Joseph Servocky Ken Brown Kevin Hylands
L. B. M. Lalkumar Landon Hendricks Lawrence Greenleaf Lawrence Oliver Sr. Matthew Magill Michael N. Salmore
Michael R. Strampe
Mike Bauer Montford C. Holley Neal A. McCauley Neil Neddermeyer Palmer H. Taylor Paul V. Marshall, Sr. Peter J. Hobbs
Peter Marlborough Peter Ryan R. J. McLaughlin R. L. Sharpe R. W. Hill Ray Dotson Ray V. Denslow Red Skelton Rob Morris Robert Burns Robert M. Millard Robert Turney Roy O. Robison Rudyard Kipling Rudyard Kipling Rudyard Kipling S. A. Masonic Journal Seymor Brandes Shawn Eyer Shawn Eyer
Silas H. Shephard Silas H. Shepherd Thomas More
Thomas Q. Ellis Tiffany Wagner Tom Lyle Tom Lyle
Victor E. Moore W. H. Lawless W. R. Shields W. Skewing W.H.G. Redfern
Walter A. Guest
Walter K. Belt Walter Marshall MacDougall Wilbur D. Nesbit William Arthur Ward William E. Ogren William Mercer Wilson

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