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Ten Master Masons Poem 362190 Ten Master Masons Poem $6.95 Add To Cart
I Knelt Where Hiram Knelt Print 362188 I Knelt Where Hiram Knelt Print $6.95 Add To Cart
The Bottle of Masonry Print 361016 The Bottle of Masonry Print $6.95 Add To Cart
Jacques de Molay, the Shroud of Turin Print 361015 Jacques de Molay, the Shroud of Turin Print $6.95 Add To Cart
Lifeless Wing Print 361014 Lifeless Wing Print $6.95 Add To Cart
In Strength Print 361013 In Strength Print $6.95 $ 4.95 81 Minutes Left Add To Cart
Legend of the Apprentice Pillar Print 361012 Legend of the Apprentice Pillar Print $6.95 $ 4.95 2 Hours Left Add To Cart
The Lambskin Apron Poem Print 362192 The Lambskin Apron Poem Print $6.95 Add To Cart

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© 2018 The Ashlar Company “Brother Mike,

I was notified of shipment of my ring on Friday, March 6th received it on Monday, March 9th. Great shipping service!

My order was for the Blue Lodge ring, model (359176) in 14k Yellow Gold with a solid back and blue stone. Basically a simple, classic, timeless style. I must say I am extremely satisfied with it. The quality and color is beautiful. The masonic symbol on the stone is detailed and very striking. I dare say it is a delight to look at, and with which to display my Masonic pride.

Order was placed on a Sunday, so counting as you could do nothing until Monday, that made delivery to my door in exactly 5 weeks. Very happy!

Thanks for all your follow through, and creating one very happy customer make that 'repeat customer'!

Al” Brother Al, Sarasota, FL